Why We Emphasize Mentorship

Why We Emphasize Mentorship

Around the Tier 1 Event Management office, we appreciate the powerful roles mentors play in professional growth. Lucia, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “Every new addition to our team gets paired with a coach during his or her first week on the job. This ensures that everyone we bring on board receives personalized training and builds confidence in the process.”

One of the best parts of having a seasoned mentor is that you can learn insights not shared in books or other common training materials. Lucia added, “Our in-house coaches can offer uniquely helpful advice because they’ve built their careers with Tier 1 Event Management from the entry level upward. The tips they provide are perfectly suited for thriving in our industry.”

Research has also suggested that having a mentor greatly increases the chances of long-term success. A 2013 survey revealed that 80 percent of CEOs received some type of individual coaching along their paths to prominence. The connections, advice, and frequent check-ins that emerge from mentorship lead to steady growth and top-level skills.

Mentors can also provide reassurance whenever needed, which is an underrated driver of long-term success. Lucia noted, “Our new hires may have some doubts when they begin the training process, but the coaches we provide them with are well prepared to ease any uncertainty. One way they do this is by focusing on a person’s unique strengths.”

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