What do Top Managers Do? Build Leadership in Others

What do Top Managers Do? Build Leadership in Others

True leadership isn’t about rallying people to help you fulfill a personal agenda. It’s really a matter of bringing people together who have complementary talents and aligned interests – and helping everyone succeed. This is the Tier 1 Event Management leadership philosophy. Mark Cook, the director of the O.C. Tanner Institute, shares this belief.

According to Cook, “Handing control to the person who knows the subject and has hands-on experience is far more beneficial than holding on to the reigns because one has the title of boss. The traditional leader’s role becomes one of creating an emotional connection with the work and an effective, and a collaborative camaraderie.”

Tier 1 Event Management operates under this type of leadership. Instead of simply giving orders, we assign tasks that mesh well with people’s preferences and strengths. Then we cheer them on, encouraging them to take unique approaches to their work. Knowing that we trust them, and that they’re free to take risks, our people think creatively and work to their fullest potential.

We also embrace gratitude as we build our people into leaders. Whenever someone goes above and beyond our expectations, we openly express our appreciation. We are sure to be specific when we dole out praise, because we want our team members to be clear on what they do well.

With these techniques, we guide our people to leadership success.