Tips From Tier 1 Management, Inc. to Save on Airfare

Tips From Tier 1 Management, Inc. to Save on Airfare

Finding the best flight for a reasonable price can be a challenge. Where do you start when it comes to getting a good fare in a sea on online offers? Our Tier 1 Event Management, Inc. experts offer some sage advice on how to bypass the system and lock on to a decent ticket price:


  • Look at Sites: From Google Flights to Airfarewatchdog, our Tier 1 Event Management, Inc. frequent fliers suggest that there are a number of options outside of the most recognized travel sites. For example, WhichBudget provides details on lesser-known budget airlines that won’t necessarily show up in Expedia’s listings. Hopper will watch fares for you based on destination.


  • Clear Your Cookies: Our Tier 1 Event Management, Inc. professionals recommend clearing your cookies if you’re looking for the lowest airfare. Airline and travel sites have been known to store data based on cookies. The clever ones will not necessarily show you the cheapest flights for a recently researched route. A private server or incognito browser works, too.


  • Pretend You’re Traveling Solo: Even if you’re flying with a foursome, don’t initially conduct your search looking for multiple seats. You’re more likely to find lower rates when you input the number of travelers as one. Showing your intent to buy more seats can often return results with higher prices.


Resolve not to pay more for airfare in 2017 by putting this advice into practice.