Tips for Delivering Talks on Complex Subjects

Tips for Delivering Talks on Complex Subjects

We do plenty of public speaking on behalf of Tier 1 Event Management. Occasionally, you’ll have the opportunity to give a presentation as well. Perhaps it will cover your company’s pitch or you’ll be offered the chance to speak at an industry conference on the latest techniques your team is employing. If you have a lot of material to cover, avoid dragging your presentation out for a long time. Instead, choose the core concept you want to focus on, make that compelling, then build your story around it.

Start by thinking about the one concept you want your audience to walk away from your talk understanding. Then build your story and speech around making sure they grasp this concept. While this may make your talk overly simplified compared to what you could cover, it also guarantees that your audience will actually remember what’s important.

To make your talk compelling, think about stories you can tell that illustrate different points. People love a good story that is set it up well, shares a problem, discusses what happened, and then ends with a resolution. Several short stories – even if they’re only a few sentences – really help Tier 1 Event Management’s audience grasp the concepts we share.

Further illustrate your talk with visuals, if that’s an option. Don’t have projected slides behind you with notes. Instead, offer pictures and graphs that add a visual element to the stories you’re telling.

Combine these suggestions with others from Tier 1 Event Management’s Twitter account to become a comfortable and compelling public speaker.