Tier 1 Event Management Shares a List of Teens to Watch

Tier 1 Event Management Shares a List of Teens to Watch

Here at Tier 1 Event Management, we admire anyone with the guts and ambition to start his or her own business. However, we can’t help being doubly impressed by successful entrepreneurs who are still in their teens. Here are a few of the most influential teenagers in the business world:

• Isabella Rose Taylor: By the time she was 13 years old, Taylor already had Nordstrom as a customer for her clothing line. Most recently, her spring collection was featured at NY Fashion Week.

• Lizzie Marie Likness: This plucky young lady started selling homemade bakery items at the local farmer’s market by the time she was six years old. As a senior in high school, Likness works the morning talk show circuit and teaches other kids how to cook and eat healthy.

• Ollie Forsyth: We at Tier 1 Event Management think it’s sad, but Forsyth was often a target for bullies in his younger days. However, he learned to channel that negative energy and make it positive, creating Ollie’s Shop, an online gift store.

• Alex Parker: As a testament to the power of internship programs, Parker worked his way from intern to head of internet marketing. Then, he started his own Web design and marketing firm Brand Strategix.

• Shubham Banerjee: Inspired by a flyer pertaining to raising funds for the blind, Banerjee created an open-source braille printer. From there, he started Braigo Labs to look for alternatives to costly products.

Here at Tier 1 Event Management, we find inspiration in the work of these young folks, and we hope you do as well.