Tier 1 Event Management, Inc. on Emotional Intelligence

Tier 1 Event Management, Inc. on Emotional Intelligence

At Tier 1 Event Management, Inc., it is a necessity for our team members to be able to interact effectively with others. This requires us to have high emotional intelligence (EI), the ability to identify and understand our own and others’ emotions. Here are some qualities of emotional intelligence that we look for in job candidates:

• Not a Perfectionist: People who feel the need to always achieve perfection are afraid of mistakes and will become upset after making errors. People with high EI are aware that mistakes are inevitable and take them in stride.

• Empathetic: Our work at Tier 1 Event Management, Inc. requires us to understand consumers. High EI is associated with the empathy necessary to interact effectively with customers of the brands we represent.

• Accepting of Change: Emotional intelligence enables people to accept and manage change. Periods of change tend to be emotional for the people involved. Team members with high EI tend to navigate their feelings well.

• Understanding of Strengths: Having high EI helps people to reflect on their own abilities. As such, they have excellent insight into their own strengths and weaknesses and how to harness them.

These signs of high emotional intelligence help us at Tier 1 Event Management, Inc. to find people who will fit into our team well. When you are recruiting new associates, watch for candidates with these qualities.