Tier 1 Event Management: Be More Impressive

Tier 1 Event Management: Be More Impressive

If you want to make consistently great impressions on other people, it helps to be an impressive person. We train Tier 1 Event Management associates to quickly earn the trust and admiration of potential contacts, and we have a few suggestions that will help you do the same:

• Use the Power of Laughter: People love those who laugh a lot and project happiness, so ramp up the pleasantness every time you meet someone for the first time. You want to be remembered in a positive light and have your potential contact smile at the thought of meeting you.

• Embrace Optimism: We always remind our Tier 1 Event Management associates to find the benefits in every situation, and this comes in very handy when you’re trying to make new connections. Everyone likes being around optimistic and inspiring people, and you make yourself much more attractive when you look on the bright side of life.

• Listen Well: We assure you that every new contact you make will remember you if you show genuine interest in what he or she says. Make sure to turn your phone off, nod along, and maintain eye contact throughout every initial encounter. Giving your full attention is one sure way to impress new people every single time.

Tier 1 Event Management’s team recommends these simple behaviors for making positive impressions with little effort.