PRESS RELEASE: Tier 1 Event Management Creates Impact by Giving Back

PRESS RELEASE: Tier 1 Event Management Creates Impact by Giving Back

SACRAMENTO, CA – Tier 1 Event Management’s team helped spread joy to many people this holiday season. They engaged in two philanthropic activities for which they donated goods to help those in need in their community.

“The holiday season brings out the generous nature in almost everyone,” said Lucia, Tier 1 Event Management’s Director of Operations. “It warms our hearts to help others in our community who might not otherwise feel the spirit of the season.”

As Lucia explained, philanthropy is part of the Tier 1 Event Management culture. “Our team enjoys giving back on a routine basis,” she said. “As it turns out, the holiday season is one in which we can engage others and have an even greater impact.”

The team participated in two drives to support two separate yet worthy causes. “The first organization we supported was The Gathering Inn,” Lucia noted. “This is a Roseville-based charity that helps support homeless men, women, and children. Their mission is to help them become active members of society and live with dignity. We provided them with two separate donations of needed goods. The first included healthcare products such as skincare items and pain relievers, along with sheets and bedding. For the second donation, we provided 37 pillows, 6 pillow cases, 2 sheet sets, 18 TENS units, and 41 therapy products.”

The other group the company supported was Volunteers of America. “We donated over 40 pillows to help veterans in need,” Lucia said.

Tier 1 Event Management Director of Operations Discusses Benefits of Team Philanthropy

“I am incredibly passionate about philanthropy and really encourage our entire Tier 1 Event Management team to get involved,” said Lucia. “Giving back is something I would like to do year-round.”

Lucia noted that company-organized philanthropic events should be team driven to be effective. “It has to be a cause or an organization that your team supports,” she advised. “The first key to success is to get everyone’s buy-in. The second key is to set goals like you would any other business venture. It’s like anything else when working as a team. Common goals lead to better success.”

“The more involvement you solicit from your team, the more impact you can create,” she added. “It’s all in the spirit of giving. If people feel as though they have a voice in making a difference, they’re going to give back tenfold compared to more passive forms of giving, such as payroll deductions.”

As Lucia concluded, “To me, part of being a socially responsible company means taking time to show support for our communities. I look forward to our next opportunity to share our talents and give back to others.”

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