Three Networking Guidelines From a Master of Efficiency

Three Networking Guidelines From a Master of Efficiency

Networking is one of the most vital skills a professional can develop, and it’s a big part of Tier 1 Event Management’s training program. While we’re quite skilled in this area, we don’t mind borrowing strategies from other professionals.

One of the people Team Tier 1 Event Management listens to about building a professional network is Tim Ferriss. Author of “The 4-Hour Workweek” and host of a weekly podcast, Ferriss freely admits that he enjoys the success he has today because of his connections.

In his podcast, he explained the three networking guidelines he uses. First, he’s never dismissive of the people he meets, regardless of whether he recognizes them. Not only is it impossible to know what this person may accomplish in the future, but he may not realize that the person he’s speaking with is way more connected than they seem.

On a related note, Ferriss’ second point is to meet others with the right attitude. Rather than consider each contact as a potential transaction, he tries to keep an open mind and look forward to the experience of meeting new people.

Finally, his most important point is to slow down. Networking isn’t about collecting business cards, but rather about building relationships – and these take time.

Both Ferriss’ book and podcast have had an influence on us, and we appreciate his insights into a great many topics (including networking).