Recognizing Amanda’s Professional Growth

Recognizing Amanda’s Professional Growth

Highlighting our team members’ achievements is a regular occurrence around Tier 1 Event Management HQ. We know how powerful recognition is when it comes to keeping people motivated. Our Director of Operations wants to recognize Amanda, who was recently promoted to the leadership level.

“Amanda has taken over all the cool opportunities with new products,” our Director stated. “She has been a nationwide high roller with all of her success in recent months. It’s no surprise that she has earned her way into a leadership role, in which I’m sure she will thrive.”

Setting clear goals is a big part of the Tier 1 Event Management training program. Amanda embraced this from her first days with the company, which is why she has achieved so much success. Our Director explained, “Goals give people direction, which allows them to use their unique talents in the most productive ways. Amanda sets a great example for the rest of our team by putting explicit benchmarks in place and monitoring her progress until she crosses the finish line.”

Clear objectives also provide people with the motivation they need to succeed in the long run. Our Director added, “When our associates can visualize reaching their aspirations, they use that positive feeling to push through obstacles.”

Amanda exemplifies what can be accomplished by setting specific and measurable goals. Check out the Tier 1 Event Management Newswire for more on our top performers.