Putting Leah in the Spotlight

Putting Leah in the Spotlight

A positive and supportive work environment is at the heart of Tier 1 Event Management’s success, and our leaders enjoy recognizing our top performers. Today we are pleased to put Leah in the spotlight and celebrate her accomplishments.

Before coming to Tier 1 Event Management, Leah studied biology at Sierra College. She also played basketball, ran cross-country, participated in track and field events, and was captain of her dance team. Leah’s experiences in college have prepared her to do well in just about any career.

Since starting with our firm, Leah has become a top recruiter across the country, and she has received nationwide acclaim for her work. Describing her goals, Leah explained, “In the short term, I want to be promoted to junior mentor so I can help others grow within our company. Looking further into the future, I want to strike the ideal work/life balance that reflects how family motivated I am. I’m also looking forward to my wedding and a new car before too long!”

Leah’s favorite thing about working for Tier 1 Event Management is our positive and close-knit environment. She enjoys country line dancing and hopes to backpack across Europe someday as well. We are fortunate to have Leah on our team, and we look forward to what she accomplishes in the future.

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