Meet One of Our Top Performers

Meet One of Our Top Performers

Growth being a core aspect of the Tier 1 Event Management culture, we have access to an intensive training program. It develops fresh professionals into admired leaders. We think our colleague, Alreeze, is a great example of someone with the potential to advance to high-level management. In fact, she was recently promoted to campaign management after showing deep commitment and hard work. As a top performer of Tier 1 Event Management, she is now training others.

Alreeze also embodies several traits we see in top leaders. She’s highly team-focused, often planning team nights and other activities for the group to enjoy. Having studied psychology, she knows how to get people motivated and bring them together in close collaboration. What’s more, Alreeze impresses our entire Tier 1 Event Management team with her sharp focus on goals. Her primary – and selfless – aim is to help others succeed.

These are some other traits that Alreeze and other top leaders share:

• Honesty: Leaders are open and honest. They give feedback, answer questions, and update their people on the health of their companies. They even share bad news when it arises. Doing so earns the trust of their teams.

• Decisiveness: Running businesses requires leaders to make big decisions. They can’t afford to be wishy-washy. When they show confidence and conscientiousness, their people believe in them.

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