Let Tier 1 Event Management Get You in the Groove

Let Tier 1 Event Management Get You in the Groove

We are always looking for ways to get more done here at Tier 1 Event Management, and we have found that certain types of music always boost our productivity. Our associates have a few suggestions that will help you achieve more while you enjoy some great tunes.

Mozart, unsurprisingly, factors heavily in any discussion of music and its impact on productivity. In fact, the Mozart effect refers to how certain kinds of music (including his own great works) help people devise long-term solutions to complex problems. Classical music is very logical, and something about being exposed to its rules helps you approach tough obstacles with more structured thoughts.

Studies have shown that lyrical music is not as good at promoting focus as instrumental works. This is because lyrics can cause conflicts in the brain, especially when you are working on a language-centric task. Our Tier 1 Event Management associates listen to instrumental music when they need to concentrate on reading and writing, and we suggest that you do the same.

Although it may seem strange, some old-fashioned video game music is also perfect for keeping you engaged in your work. The “Super Mario Brothers” theme is a good example, because it was created partly for the purpose of keeping players focused on gameplay. We recommend trying it the next time you have several hours of work laid out before you.

Tier 1 Event Management associates use the power of music to boost productivity, and we suggest that you give it a shot today.