Our Latest Community Giveback Effort

Our Latest Community Giveback Effort

“We’ve made philanthropy a huge focus for our team,” stated Lucia, our Tier 1 Event Management Director of Operations. “I love to get everyone involved in supporting great causes in our region and beyond.” Our most recent chance to giveback was when we supplied beauty products for a very special fashion show.

The nonprofit A Community for Peace was behind this function which featured survivors of domestic violence as its models. “This event is an uplifting experience for women who have been through horrible ordeals,” Lucia added. “We were honored to play a small role in making the fashion show a memorable experience for everyone involved.”

Members of Team Tier 1 Event Management contributed robes, blow dryers, hot combs, and other beauty items for the fashion show. These products were used to make gift bags for everyone who participated.

Lucia believes every giveback event is a chance for us to build morale that pays off back at the office. “Our team members get to see different sides of each other when they work together for good causes,” she noted. “Along with that, they also get to be part of something bigger than themselves, which increase their team motivation on big projects.”

We’re excited to help with next year’s fashion show and continue supporting A Community for Peace in other ways as well. Follow Tier 1 Event Management on Twitter for updates on our social impact efforts.