Highlighting Natalie’s Well-Deserved Promotion

Highlighting Natalie’s Well-Deserved Promotion

As members of Team Tier 1 Event Management, we enjoy clear paths to career advancement. When one of our brand managers takes advantage of this, we’re happy to shine the spotlight on that person. Today, we’re celebrating Natalie’s recent promotion to Director of Marketing.

“Natalie is committed to overall excellence and growing the brands we promote,” stated Lucia, our firm’s Director of Operations. “She’s goal-oriented, which has rubbed off on her team members. By establishing well-defined objectives and measuring her progress toward achieving them, Natalie has inspired the rest of our team to become more focused in their daily efforts.”

Networking is a central part of our Tier 1 Event Management success strategy. It’s also an area in which Natalie excels. Lucia remarked, “Natalie is adept at forging productive bonds in all kinds of settings. As she adds valuable contacts to her network, she helps to create new opportunities for our company as a whole.”

Natalie is excited for the future, as she will be opening her own satellite office in the coming months to expand our company’s reach. She’s currently scoping out locations in the new territory to find the perfect workspace. Lucia noted, “Natalie wants to make sure she has the best possible office location before she begins building her team. Once she’s settled in, I have no doubt that she will guide her group of sales and marketing managers to great heights.”

We’re lucky to have Natalie inspiring the rest of our team. Check out the Tier 1 Event Management Newswire for updates on the expansion she’s leading.