How to Get Comfortable With Public Speaking

How to Get Comfortable With Public Speaking

Confidence and calm are two of the best tools for compelling speeches. We emphasize these states of mind as we develop our Tier 1 Event Management public speaking skills. Here are a few techniques we use before and during presentations to be comfortable in front of large crowds.

We use breathing exercises to calm ourselves in the moments before every big speech. Taking a few minutes to focus on nothing but our breaths is a great way to get centered and put any negative thoughts aside. We feel more in control of our nervous energy after these short meditation sessions, which helps us focus on the points we want to make.

We’ve also learned that good posture is essential for staying composed and projecting confidence during speeches. Standing tall helps us feel more powerful at the podium. It also brings the added benefit of keeping our bodies from getting tired through the course of a long presentation.

Smiling is another strategy we use to look and feel more at ease in front of an audience. We want our listeners to be happy and comfortable whenever we present on behalf of Tier 1 Event Management. With that in mind, we project our own enthusiasm for our topics through genuine smiles that resonate with the crowd.

By using these strategies, we’re becoming better and more self-assured presenters. For more on how we’re improving as public speakers, check out the Tier 1 Event Management Newswire.