Further Expansion Amid Outstanding Performance

Further Expansion Amid Outstanding Performance

Our Tier 1 Event Management expansion continues at a rapid pace. Former manager Natalie is opening her own office. Lucia, our firm’s Director of Operations, assisted Natalie in getting her location up and running during the month of September. While the Director was away, Megan stepped up to run our home office. All this exciting news reflects our commitment to career growth.

Clear pathways to advancement define our supportive Tier 1 Event Management work atmosphere. Our team members always know where they stand in their pursuits because they recognize what must be achieved to reach the next levels. This means engagement remains high around our office at all times.

There are also plenty of learning tools for our brand experts to leverage. We have internal training sessions on all kinds of core subjects and emerging techniques. Just as importantly, we also offer an array of travel incentives that offer significant value. Our team members get to learn from top leaders and high-performing peers at conferences and other functions.

We encourage personal growth as well as career advancement. Through our many giveback events, we help our team members discover hidden talents. Our people also develop stronger feelings of gratitude by supporting those who are less fortunate.

We’re excited to watch Natalie thrive in her new office. Follow Tier 1 Event Management on Twitter for updates on her progress.