Demonstrate Your Value and Stay Humble at the Same Time

Demonstrate Your Value and Stay Humble at the Same Time

Are you gunning for a promotion, or a raise? Perhaps you’re interested in more responsibilities, or even a career change? Whatever the case may be, it’s your job to show that you’re capable of handling it. What’s more, you must express this value without coming off as overly confident. As we’ve learned from our Tier 1 Event Management leaders, these are some helpful strategies:

• Track Achievements: Take note of your accomplishments, and be as specific as possible. If you’ve broken sales numbers or recruited some top professionals to your team, document your success. With these details, you’ll have plenty to highlight during a performance review or interview. It’s also worthwhile to note these achievements on social media, where you can catch the eyes of people outside your company.

• Help: Camaraderie radiates throughout Tier 1 Event Management. We support and help one another daily. Doing so for your colleagues is an ideal way to show them firsthand what you can accomplish. Offer advice, brainstorm, make introductions, recommend books, and more. Your worth will be noticed, remembered, and appreciated.

• Celebrate: When you achieve a goal, arrive at a work anniversary, or win an award, why not celebrate? Invite people out for drinks or organize a pot luck dinner. You can use the event to recognize everyone who helped you succeed, while subtly highlighting the fact that you did indeed do something big.

These techniques propel career advancement.