Chanel Makes the Most of Our Supportive Culture

Chanel Makes the Most of Our Supportive Culture

We enjoy highlighting team members who take full advantage of our inspiring Tier 1 Event Management work culture, which is why we’re putting Chanel in the spotlight. Lucia, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “Chanel thrives in our winning team atmosphere because she’s always willing to learn something new. She’s been working hard to learn more about our operations, taking on management roles in order to do so.”

We’re passionate about upholding the positive work culture that helps driven people like Chanel thrive. That’s why we have so many different kinds of team events to build stronger bonds and enhance morale. From various themed team nights to in-office contests, we keep our brand managers engaged. Camaraderie around Tier 1 Event Management HQ is especially strong because we come together in so many different ways. As we build tighter bonds with our colleagues, it’s easier for us to maintain good connections with the people behind the brands we promote.

Communication skills are essential for any company, hence another reason we have as many team-building events as possible. Chanel has taken the lead in many of these group outings, showing her potential to be a successful frontrunner.

Our giveback endeavors are very helpful when it comes to improving our articulation skills. We learn more about each other every time we work together for a good cause because we tend to leave our comfort zones in the process. When we return to our office, we have greater respect for the unique traits and skills our colleagues bring to the table.

Teamwork is a major element of our firm’s success. Chanel is a great example of this in action. Learn more about our supportive culture and the team members making the most of it by following Tier 1 Event Management on Twitter.