Celebrating Natalie’s Big Promotion

Celebrating Natalie’s Big Promotion

We maintain a supportive Tier 1 Event Management culture that is focused on growth. When one of our team members achieves a major career milestone, we’re quick to put that person in the spotlight. Natalie, our former Director of Marketing, is the latest to earn some recognition.

Lucia, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “Natalie was just promoted into executive management. In this role, she’ll be expanding the Tier 1 Event Management reach into exciting new markets. Over the next few weeks, Natalie will be conducting market research to determine where to expand, searching for an office space, and building her own team.”

Natalie will be responsible for a wide range of tasks as a manager. Motivating a team of 20-25 branding experts to reach lofty goals will be one of her primary charges. She’ll also introduce strategies for finding the best cultural fits to join her team. Planning weekly meetings, setting targets for campaigns, and managing payroll will also fall under Natalie’s leadership umbrella.

This is an exciting time for our entire team. Some of us will be going with Natalie to her new office, while others will have the chance to earn promotions in the current Sacramento office. We’ll also be bringing fresh talent aboard in Sacramento, so there will be plenty of chances for us to refine our training skills.

We’re excited to watch Natalie advance on her leadership journey. Follow Tier 1 Event Management on Twitterfor updates on her progress.