Adding New Brands to Our Portfolio

Adding New Brands to Our Portfolio

Stability in the event-based marketing industry isn’t always a good thing. What’s really required is growth. That’s why we’re so excited to be launching a Tier 1 Event Management campaign featuring a new product.

Our office has partnered with a local beverage brand looking to launch itself in the market. We’ve had very positive responses to our outreach so far, especially because it’s a local company that we’re marketing for, and buying local is a hot trend right now.

The chance to work with a local brand creates a lot of energy around the Tier 1 Event Management office. Campaigns like this present a unique learning occasion for us, as we expand our portfolio and tap into new industries. We’re always excited by the chance to expand our skill base and our horizons, and this latest project is sure to help us do both.

The launch of new products is what keeps firms of all types alive. Investing in growth isn’t optional – it’s a necessity for companies to stay relevant in the modern business landscape. Our ability to adapt our services to the promotional needs of various brands and products is what keeps us on the front line of our industry, and we’ll continue to make flexibility a priority.

We’re excited to promote a local brand in our community and look forward to a successful business relationship. To see how our campaign unfolds, follow Tier 1 Event Management on Twitter.